How to reduce stress trading forex

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How to get rid of stress while trading forex?

Have you concentrated on trading so much, that in the final it had a negative impact on the results? This is a classic example of stress, so called “productive” stress. Nervousness usually occurs when you check every detail so carefully that every action expose total criticism.
This behavior is also characteristic of the athletes, students and people of art, has a negative impact on performance as a whole, because in the pursuit of the ideal, a person often stops to see the obvious things and losing the ability to think sensibly. Being traders, we are constantly exposed to the pressure of “pursuit of profit”. As a result we often forget about the need to follow the plan, or the importance of risk management.

Lets consider a few things that can help to deal with stress and nervousness increased during trading.

Forget about the “perfect deal”

Most psychologists who study trading have come to the conclusion that the most common source of stress is perfectionism. Traders obsessed with that the need to find the perfect moment to open and close the deal, maximize profits by controlling the size of the deal and never have unprofitable positions.
Such commitment to the ideal, always end with deep frustrations in yourself. Because in reality, it is impossible to achieve all of these moments.
Instead of looking for “perfect deal” and trying to avoid losses completely, remind yourself that there is nothing unusual in the fact that the market does not always go in the direction you want. Controlled loss or a situation when you have earned a few points less than was possible – is not the end of your career as a trader. This is a common situation.

Focus on the process, not on profit

For someone can be very difficult to forget about the “perfect deal”, because it is wrongly interpreted as a lack of ambition. If you are in such situation, it is better for you to set goals based on adherence to the process and not on the achievement of profit.

For example plan that you will stick to your investment plan, limit the losses and increase profits. At the end of each trading day, you can ask yourself the following questions: did I have entered the market as required by my trading system? Did I do all necessary modifications of my positions? Do I retain appropriate control of risk? If all the questions you answered yes, you are going right. If you want to be perfect, focus on good trading and management activities and processes.

Increases the risk slowly

Next cause of nervousness in trading is an inordinate increase the risk, instead of gradual increase. This usually
happens when a trader after a series of successful deals, starts to be too confident and during the following deals risk unnecessarily.
Without relevant changes in the psyche, this can contribute mental pressure, even if you continue to trade in the same manner. To visualize this, imagine yourself a professional football player who is going to hit a penalty in the final minute of the unresolved match. Are you going to do something that you have done a lot of time. But the mental pressure in attempt to get the winning goal is much larger than typically. In such situation, even the most experienced players lose their composure. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that traders can avoid much more mistakes when they realize the risk.
To avoid this, you can increase the risk gradually, in any case not to double or triple your position in a moment.
Also, what can help you, to remind yourself that the only thing that has changed – the amount of risk, and the rest are working as usual and you stick to the same plan as always.

Reduce for some time the amount of the trading capital.

Another way is to reduce positions and capital. We strongly recommend you to work with such a sum to the possible loss (your Stop-loss order) that can be mentally and financially acceptable for you. Thus your trading will become emotionless and stress-less. For everyone this amount can be different. Everybody has hiss own financial resources. Someone will work with standard lots, and someone with a mini or micro lots.
For example, if you are currently trading on a real FOREX account with 10 000$, but when you open a position, you start to get nervous and tracking on virtually every pip and you are afraid every loss (even if it is 2% of the capital), then reduce your capital for example to $5000. And at the same time work with half of your usual position (lot). After that your trading would have to be less emotional.
Once when you gain confidence in your system and again start to make a profit without stress, you can gradually increase the capital to initial $10 000.

Move away from the monitor in time

Excessive work also causes nervousness and stress. There is nothing surprising. The inner desire to earn sometimes overshadows rational thinking. Instead of following trading system, we allow emotions to win. And when succumb to the urge to return what we lost, we can be in a situation where we open a deal after a deal. And before you get yourself, you lose a large number of money.
The most reasonable in this situation is to move away from the monitor as soon as we incur the maximum acceptable loss.
Sometimes week pause can help. This means that you should completely forget about trading for a week and divert thought with something else. Remember nothing will not run away from you, the financial markets will exist for a long time.

Starting to use longer time period, helped a lot of traders. For example in stead of using 15-minute charts start to use hour or four-hour charts. You will trade less, but you have better signals and more time.


It is well known that we have the greatest fear when we are faced with something unfamiliar.
Another way of getting rid of stress is constant development (new trading systems or ideas for improving existing ones). But here, you need to keep a sense of proportion and carefully select the information being taken. Only qualitative information, which will be held through a filtr of common intelligence, can benefit.
Read books, search information in internet, visit several webinars. It is also useful to visit good workshop with an experienced lecturer. The experience gained from the person who if successful in forex trading and ready to share his knowledge is really immeasurable. This will not only help you to improve your professionalism, but also increase your motivation to work and further education.

Trading is also complicated by the fact that for every decision you must take full responsibility. Sure it is nice to have someone with whom you can consult about each deal. But again, you need to choose carefully with whom to turn to for advice.

Live a full life

When your world revolves only around the forex and the market is not moving in the direction you want, you can feel that everything collapses. If trading is the only thing that feeds you and no more exists for you, you are very vulnerable. And you can easy fall into a deep depression. As teaches old wisdom – “do not put all eggs in one basket.” If you do not adhere this rule, it is easy to get to the very unpleasant situation.
For distraction from thinking about forex for the time when the market moves against you, you should get something else to direct your activity on. It does not matter whether it is a soothing activity, or on the contrary extreme sport, the main thing is to change activity.


The main thing is to worry if sometimes you were too nervous and this has led you to more stress. If you feel that it begins again, get away from the monitor, remind yourself that perfect performance and perfect traders exist only in a perfect world. They do not exist in reality.
Go back to your real expectations, and you’ll be surprised how easy following the plan and realistic goals will change your trading.

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